Learning Blocks Phase 3

Hands-on learning is an important element of phase 3, with a selected programme of online workshops and webinars. These are designed to help you develop the essential skills you need to lead your team, drive change, and collaborate effectively across departments and borders.

The Learning Blocks are mandatory for all 300 Leaders across the organisation, offering a shared experience and valuable opportunity to network and connect with peers. For seasoned leaders, these learning blocks are valuable to refresh your knowledge of essential leadership topics. For newly appointed leaders, these learning blocks will work as an introduction to essential leadership topics.

Starting 7 September, you are invited to register for the six Learning Blocks, which run from 21 September until 18 December. We know you are busy, so we have made it easy and convenient to fit the workshops into your schedule: everything will be online, and the workshops are conveniently spaced out over the next three months and regularly repeated to ensure you benefit from all six. We only have 8-12 seats per session (depends on which session), but don’t worry – if a workshop is full for your chosen time, we will add more dates. Each of the six Learning Blocks will be repeated three times per week, giving you 18 possible slots to choose from every week.

In the next page, the six Learning Blocks are described in more detail. You may want to prioritise the ones that most closely match your personal development needs. But remember, you must complete all six. To avoid a late rush for places, make sure you begin planning them into your schedule as soon as possible, with registration starting on 7 September. The sessions last a maximum of 4 hours, whilst most being 3 hours. In phase 4 of Lead Your Team, starting in January 2021, we will offer further learning opportunities, tailored to your needs.

To help you get a better insight in your personal development needs with regards to TenneT Transformation and OCC, you are invited to complete the Lead Your Team Personal Development Plan designed for the Lead Your Team programme and use the Lead Your Team Indicator. More information you find on page 5 and 6 of this brochure.

In short:

  • Learning Blocks run 21 September – 18 December.
  • Register via the TenneT Academy for all six Learning Blocks as of 7 September.
  • 8 – 12 seats per session.
  • Capabilities to learn: coaching; virtual communication; change management; psychology of leadership; diversity; self-awareness & empathy.
  • A stable internet connection and a quiet working space are important for getting the most value from these learning opportunities.