Lead Your Team Indicator

As you acquire new leadership skills during phase 3 of the Lead Your Team programme, it’s important to monitor how successfully you are putting them into action. The Lead Your Team Indicator is a new feedback mechanism that allows you to ‘take the temperature’ of your leadership with your team, via feedforward.

Some may find the idea of feedforwards unsettling, but the best leaders seek, listen to and act on their team’s feedback. The key is to create a safe and inclusive routine, based on trust and open dialogue. The Lead Your Team Indicator provides a safe way to ask feedback from your team members anonymously. The pre-set survey is compliant with data protection regulations, and should be followed by an informal and open dialogue on the outcomes. This is just for you and your team. You as a leader can decide which information you want to share with your team to help you build trust, understanding and grow together.


Development oriented, measuring the progress of leadership development within a team, on the basis of the leadership profile and our principles.


  • Long-term measurement to discuss progress and results within teams and check development over time within a team.
  • The indicator is offered in three languages: Dutch, English and German.

Target groups

Leader with team members.


32 questions on leading business, change, and people; personal impact; ownership; courage; connection; leadership style, and own team. The goal is to have a dialogue with the team to take next individual or team-developments steps out of Lead Your Team.

What do I do next?

  • Communicate Lead Your Team Indicator routine and aims to your team
  • Invite your team to complete the Lead Your Team Indicator as of 28 September
  • Complete a first team survey before 26 October
  • Complete the Lead Your Team Indicator three times between September 2020 and December 2021
  • Schedule feedback dialogue after each Lead Your Team Indicator