Transforming TenneT is a collective journey for all employees. It is guided by three principles – Ownership, Courage and Connection (OCC) – that encourage new behaviours and ways of working. These principles help us work better together and deliver on our promise: Lighting the way ahead together.

As TenneT leaders, you are in the driving seat to lead the transformation and build a new way of working that is open, curious, courageous, and focused on learning and growing. Our new culture aims to energise our people and organisation, providing a safe, inclusive environment where people enjoy coming to work. To help with your personal development, and build our culture and mindset into your team, we developed a collective leadership programme, Lead Your Team. With a focus on people and change management, the programme is closely linked to the Leadership Profiles. These are based on the competencies you will need to meet the challenges ahead. Lead Your Team, which consists of four phases, kicked off in May 2020. Now, we are ready to begin phase 3: this will help you lead your team in the new context of TenneT’s Transformation. In this brochure, you will find all the practical information, timings and steps you need to take for this essential phase of the Lead Your Team journey. We hope you enjoy all Learning Blocks and that it gives you the knowledge and tools you need to help you and your team play your part in our Transformation.

Phase 3 'Start to Lead Your Team'

Phase 3 consists of three main parts:

  • Participate in six mandatory Learning Blocks to build essential capabilities as of 21 September until 18 December
  • Complete a first team survey via the Lead Your Team Indicator before 26 October
  • Invite your manager for a dialogue about your Lead Your Team Personal Development Plan before 15 November


  • Mandatory for all 300 leaders
  • Optional for Senior Leadership Team
  • Register for all six Learning Blocks via the TenneT Academy as of 7 September
  • Learning Blocks start 21 September and run until 18 December