Walk the talk

A refined strategy, a new organisational structure, and a redefined leadership culture: this calls for an inspiring Purpose and a stimulating Promise. The Purpose and Promise (lighting the way ahead together) serve as a guideline for all employees. Tim Meyerjürgens and Ben Voorhorst went into what the Purpose and Promise mean for the organisation as a whole. “It’s more than just a fancy statement on paper.”

“In designing the new strategy and defining the associated Purpose and Promise, we talked to a lot of people, both internally and outside the company,” says Tim. “We wanted to get an idea of all the perspectives and formulate the new Purpose from a truly collective mindset. I find it enormously important that everyone be able to identify with it - that all employees are able to draw a sense of direction from it. Ben: “It’s more than just a fancy statement on paper. The Purpose and Promise make up our essence: they define us as an organisation. By looking at the Purpose, employees can ask themselves whether they are on the right track and have made the right analysis. Tim: “On top of that, the Purpose is, of course, also about what drives us, about why we do what we do every day.”

Making a connection

“Keeping the lights on, that’s in our DNA,” says Ben. “That’s something we have to cherish. But in the meantime, we must also take steps forward. We need to go green, which is where we as TenneT want to lead the way. To make that happen, it is key for us to be even more closely connected to society. For me personally, this also means making a connection with parties other than the usual suspects.” Tim: “That we are in this together, this shared mission, is also very essential to me. And I welcome the important role that innovation plays in our Purpose and Promise. We have to find new ways to be able to cope with future challenges as well.”

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“I like the fact that innovation and modernisation play such an important role in our new Purpose and our new Promise.”

Tim Meyerjürgens

“The Purpose and Promise make up our essence: they define us as an organisation.“

Ben Voorhorst