Hidden Heroes

A lot has changed in the world over the past few months due to the coronavirus outbreak. This also affects us in our day-to-day work. We wanted to put colleagues in the spotlight who have handled this in an exceptional way.

Eugen Mayer

Team Manager, Grid Service Germany

“The way in which colleagues have learnt to organise their work differently is what I consider the biggest change. This is our operational colleagues’ essential building block and that’s why the system continues to be available as normal.”

Mirjam Willemsen

Facility Management Assistant, FM Demand

“Courage, ownership, and connection are highly important to Facility Management in the performance of our day-to-day work. These principles enable us to show our strengths and create a pleasant work environment for colleagues.”

Zoltin Strietman

Building Site Manager, Large Projects Netherlands

“It requires a fair bit of courage and trust to give others a glimpse of your private life.”

Corné Scheffers

Lead Engineer, Large Projects Nederland

"In these times, it's even more important to trust each other. After all, you have less insight into all things because of the necessary measures. A good team helps enormously and NW380 has that!"

Maarten Raap

Lead Engineer, Large Projects Nederland

“As far as ownership is concerned, we are working full steam ahead on current projects to carry out all our ambitious plans, despite the coronavirus situation. Although this situation leads to extra issues or delays now and again, we are meeting this challenge head on to stay on schedule.”

Suzanne ten Hove- Ermers

Policy Officer, FM Netherlands

“The uncertainty that the current period has brought requires us to have the courage to sometimes just accept it when things don’t go as planned. And by sharing that with your colleagues, you are creating a new basis for connection.”

Tanja Gunzelmann

Trainee, HR

“Taking responsibility sometimes also means stepping out of your comfort zone into new situations to protect yourself and others!”

Johan Langenkamp

Lead Engineer, Large Projects Nederland

"Consultation via Video Conference (in relatively small efficient groups) will take place more often, I think. The challenge then, is to keep everyone connected and informed."

Berend van Lente

Construction Manager, Large Projects Netherlands

"Working together takes on a different meaning: you depend even more on one another and you respect each other."

Sjouke Meijer

Construction Manager, Large Projects Netherlands

"Because of the minimal personal contact, the three principles of connection, courage and ownership came forward. They were strongly tangible to me and I really felt even more like a front man on site."

Pascal Dittrich

Trainee, HR

"Despite this unusual situation, we continue to do our job. We try to make the most of the situation and adhere to TenneT's guidelines. In times like these, the cohesion of a company proves its worth!"

Martin Weber

Network Management Center, Grid Service Germany

"Since the Lock-Down we work in A- and B-teams, one week at home and one week at our Network Management Center here in Lehrte. At first I was a bit sceptical, but later I was positively surprised how well it works. What we usually call out to each other in the open office, current malfunctions for example, we now quickly deal with in the Jabber chat".

Jan Salzmann

Service Group Manager, Grid Service Germany

"A challenge at the moment is downloading large amounts of data - that often takes hours! In addition, there is always uncertainty on construction sites: it is particularly difficult to maintain the required minimum distance during measurement and testing work."

Transforming TenneT – a new Code of Conduct

Yvonne Visser

Head of Compliance & Integrity

“In late January, we had the launch of the new TenneT Code of Conduct. At the workshops we organised, we asked you for your opinion: what are the beliefs that lead us? And what rules and principles need to govern all TenneT employees in Germany and the Netherlands? We subsequently used your input to formulate a new TenneT Code of Conduct, one that is in sync with our culture, the TenneT strategy, our Purpose and Promise, and especially with our Principles: Ownership, Connection, and Courage. The end result is one we can be proud of! You can find the TenneT Code of Conduct in Guide@TenneT!"

“What rules and principles need to govern all TenneT employees in Germany and the Netherlands?”

Transformation Office

The Transformation Office was set up to coordinate and shape Transforming TenneT. The various workstreams will be transferred to the organisation, and the Transformation Office will be closed. What were the highlights? And what’s next?

Guido Fricke

Head Transformation Office

“When I took over the Transformation Office, an important objective for me in running the Transforming TenneT programme was to give everyone full authority to act and live by the new principles: be courageous in taking ownership and connect with colleagues you need to make your work a success. A new approach that ties in well with our path towards change.”

Jannis Kuhrt

Senior Advisor Board Office

“During the next phase of Transforming TenneT, responsibility for leading and managing sustainable change lies with the organisation as a whole. Transforming TenneT belongs to us all. The way I see it, my role in coordinating that change is to encourage mutual alignment and connection.”

Work stream Organisation & People

The new organisational structure based on functional steering will ensure that TenneT is better aligned with our fast-changing and increasingly complex external environment. The Organisation & People work stream has, together with numerous colleagues, worked hard to make this happen. How do they look back on the process?

Marjolijn Minnema

Interim Senior Manager HR

“It is great to see that the theory we had in mind is now actually coming to life, thanks to the good work of a large number of colleagues. The transformation now heads into the next phase, which is to realise the strategy, including the intended culture change. TenneT is ready for a successful transformation!”

Andrea Behrens and Suzanne Zegers

Organisation & People

“The reorganisation was a huge operational challenge and involved quite a few hours of extra work. But we worked together extremely well within HR and with all the colleagues involved to produce this great result.”

A look into the future with the German Works Council and the Dutch Works Council

Michael Kunter

Chairman, German Works Council

“The transformation process comes with major changes, bringing both challenges and opportunities for a lot of colleagues. I look forward to good collaboration in relevant areas, so as to strengthen our company for future tasks. However, collaboration must never go at the expense of the independence of the Dutch or German core TSO operation. Time will tell whether this requirement and the targets will be met, and whether improvement is needed. Ultimately, I hope that after the transformation everyone will be able to come to work in the morning contented and with a smile on their face."

Miriam Calligaro

Chairwoman, Dutch Works Council

“After all the efforts to put the new organisation on the map and get all the vacancies filled, the time has now come to embark on the next stage together. With limitations due to the coronavirus measures, but still. I hope that Courage, Connection, and Ownership will empower us to fulfil our plans and achieve the intended results, whereby it is extremely important to me that people feel that they have been put at the heart of TenneT. In this context, I also hope that the board and Works Council will be able to work together even better. On behalf of the Works Council, I wish everyone lots of success.”

Culture coaches

Culture change is a very demanding process for all of us. Given that all the help we can get is welcome, we have appointed Culture Coaches. We asked them about their views on TenneT’s culture change.

Stefan Michel

SOG Team Manager

“Whenever we see in our day-to-day work that ownership, connection, and courage are experienced differently from what we expect, it requires courage and respect to address it. I want to help my TenneT colleagues to think more about our actions and discover the effect of change together.”

Egon Lamers

Corporate Communications Advisor

“For me as a person, connection is an important value. As a Culture Coach, I want to actively contribute to creating closer connections between people across TenneT. It takes courage to truly connect with someone. You have to take off your blinkers and engage in dialogue with an open and unprejudiced mind, listening without judging. To be able to do so, you also need the courage to reflect upon your own beliefs and actions. I see this as a great challenge and as something positive that allows me to contribute to TenneT’s transformation and to further develop myself.”



The GROW FOR IT campaign has put additional focus on the principles of Ownership, Connection, and Courage. Engaging with people on the principles produces different perspectives and is highly inspiring! But how do colleagues experience these principles?

Elske van der Laan

HR Advisor

“Connection truly is the basis. As soon as there is a connection between people, a sense of security is created that gives people the courage to express themselves.”

Mohamed Sedek

Trainee HRC

“Ownership is very personal, it is tied to your personality. Not being judged based on your mistakes is very important.”

Transforming TenneT: the preparations for Day one

A great deal of work has been done behind the scenes to get Transforming TenneT to where it is today, to the start of the new organisation.

Oliver Heerdegen

Workstream Manager, Day one Readiness

“Being able to play a role in implementing the changes that come with the transformation and thus contributing to the company’s success was one of the main reasons for me to accept the role of workstream manager. TenneT is a fantastic organisation. Every day, I see first-hand how committed people are to implementing changes together, from board room to mail room. What I take from my role as workstream manager is that I always need a plan B and must do my work with the whole organisation in mind, thinking in terms of scenarios and showing ownership.”

Marlot Leengoed

Communications Transforming TenneT

“Keeping the organisation up to date on the latest developments in the transformation process has been exceptionally important over the past few months, and I’m happy that I was able to play a part in that. I’ve learnt a lot about TenneT as an organisation and it has brought me closer to colleagues from all corners of the organisation. I look forward to taking Transforming TenneT to the next level together!”

“I’ve learnt a lot about TenneT as an organisation.”