TT Stories

Over the past months, we have published various stories from colleagues about how their day-to-day work helps TenneT reach its strategic goals. Transforming TenneT means change on all levels. It's about preparing fast-growing organisational structures and processes for the future. And about dealing with changing situations and new challenges with a refined strategy. And it’s about much more, it’s about you, about putting people at the heart of our organisation. Several of these stores are presented on this page.

Anna Lehner

Future-proof planning will enable us to guarantee security of supply both today and tomorrow.

Sander Weitkamp

By linking data, we can make work smarter for everyone at TenneT.

Jasper Vis

I love bringing parties together so that we can enable far-reaching sustainability.

Patrick van de Rijt

In order to be able to move forward now, you need the courage to make choices based on the knowledge available today.

Jannis Kuhrt

Besides the obvious task of managing the challenges relating to HRM and the organisation, Transforming TenneT also involves many other subjects. Structure will help make this even more successful. And that's something we are continually working on.

Ralf Ott

Congestion prevents us from transporting electricity to all consumers. Together with various partners, we are looking for ways to make more flexible use of units in the power grid, so as to be better able to respond to the real-time grid situation.

Nienke Vorstenbosch

When people apply the three principles in their work, I find that they, in turn, also inspire and motivate others. In that way, I believe that everyone can be an Ambassador of Change.

Ina-Isabelle Haffke

So far, we have acted with some reticence, listening to suggestions and trying to take them into account. But now the time has come to be clear that some things really aren’t possible. We have consequently become harsher in our communications. Making this switch is quite a challenge sometimes.

Moritz Herter

The most exciting outcomes are the innovation prospects for 2030, which basically consist in how the project managers envisage the future.

Siw Meiser

The new strategy empowers us to, on a local level, tangibly contribute to the overall goal.

Erdem Uzun

Our aim is to develop the energy market of tomorrow, at least in specific areas. What I find particularly interesting is how an idea is turned into a concept.

Thomas Aksan

By striking up partnerships we will stay relevant in the future.

Sven-Brian Müller

I’m proud that I get to develop new, cost-effective offshore platforms.

Dominique Ernst

Employees can only perform well if all stakeholders have all the required information and there is a joint vision.

Donald Kreiken

Better decision making is a matter for the entire organisation. After all, we all make important decisions every day, in our day-to-day operations or when it comes to the future of our energy system.

Rebecca Wilhalm

We are also continuing to grow in our software design and our infrastructure, together with colleagues there who already have extensive in-house software development experience.

Maarten Abbenhuis

In a stimulating environment, in which we can all learn from each other, we can move the energy transition forward and ensure security of supply in a financially healthy way.